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This chapter describes the most common maintenance items, see Maintenance Schedule page 45 for service intervals.

NOTICE! Service points which are not described here must be performed by an authorized Volvo Penta workshop.


CAUTION!WARNING!Engine, GeneralGeneral inspectionWARNING!WARNING!IMPORTANT!Charge Air Pipe, Leakage CheckIMPORTANT!Drive Belt and Alternator Belt, InspectionDrive Belt, Change11Alternator Belt, ChangeIMPORTANT!Lubrication SystemOil level, checking and topping upTAD1650VEIMPORTANT!Engine Oil, ChangeWARNING!Oil Filter/By-pass Filter, ChangeWARNING!Fuel SystemWARNING!IMPORTANT!1Engine Fuel Filter ReplacementWARNING!Fuel Pre-filter, ChangeBleeding the Fuel SystemCooling SystemIMPORTANT!Ready MixedIMPORTANT:Mix: 40% concentrated coolant and 60% waterWARNING!IMPORTANT!2 1TAD1650VE-B, TAD1651VE2Filling a completely empty system3 TAD1650VE-B, TAD1651VECoolant, Draining11IMPORTANT!3 TAD1650VE-B, TAD1651VECharge Air Cooler, External CleaningIMPORTANT!Coolant Filter, ChangeOpenClosedCooling System, CleaningIMPORTANT!IMPORTANT!Cooling air filterWARNING!Electrical SystemWARNING!IMPORTANT!Electrical ConnectionsBattery, MaintenanceWARNING!WARNING!WARNING!Connecting and disconnecting the batteryBattery, ChargingWARNING!WARNING!WARNING!

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