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Cooling System

The engine's internal cooling system makes sure the engine works at the right temperature. It is a closed system that must always be filled with a mixture of concentrated coolant and water in order to protect the engine against internal corrosion, cavitation and burst- ing due to freezing.


coolant vcs ready mixed

Coolant of a suitable chemical composition must be used all year round. This also applies in areas where there is never any risk of freezing, to provide the engine with full corrosion protection. The use of anti-corrosion agents alone is not permitted in Volvo Penta engines. Never use water alone as a substitute for coolant.


The corrosion protection additives become less effec- tive over time, which means that the coolant must be changed at regular intervals; refer to Maintenance Schedule. The cooling system must be flushed when- ever the coolant is changed; refer to the Cooling Sys- tem, Cleaning page 66section.

Volvo Penta coolants have been prepared to work best with Volvo Penta engines and offer excellent protection against corrosion, cavitation damage, and bursts due to freezing. Only coolants of this quality are adapted to, and approved by, Volvo Penta.


IMPORTANT!Ready MixedIMPORTANT:Mix: 40% concentrated coolant and 60% waterWARNING!IMPORTANT!2 1TAD1650VE-B, TAD1651VE2Filling a completely empty system3 TAD1650VE-B, TAD1651VECoolant, Draining11IMPORTANT!3 TAD1650VE-B, TAD1651VECharge Air Cooler, External CleaningIMPORTANT!Coolant Filter, ChangeOpenClosedCooling System, CleaningIMPORTANT!IMPORTANT!Cooling air filterWARNING!InstallationRemoval and cleaningIMPORTANT!3b

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