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More than 8 month's stoppage:

Conserve the lubrication and fuel systems with con- servation oil. Refer to the section Conservation of the lubrication and fuel systems for more than 8 months’ stoppage.

Make sure the coolant has adequate antifreeze properties. Top up as necessary.

Alternatively, you can drain the coolant (also drain the coolant filter).

Drain any water and contamination from the fuel fil- ters and fuel tank. Fill the fuel tank completely, to avoid condensation.

Disconnect the battery cables, clean and charge the batteries. Trickle charge the batteries while the equipment is in storage. A poorly charged battery can freeze and burst.

Clean the outside of the engine. Do not use a high pressure washer for engine cleaning. Touch up paint damage with Volvo Penta original paint.

Check and rust-proof any control cables.

Put a note on the engine with the date, type of con- servation and the conservation oil used.

Cover the air filter, exhaust pipe and engine if nec- essary.

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