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The Operator's Manual contains the information required for the correct, safe operation and maintenance of your Volvo Penta engine. We recommend therefore that you read the manual carefully and learn to handle the engine and other equipment in a safe manner before starting the engine.

The Operator's Manual describes the engine and equipment sold by Volvo Penta. The specifications, design information and illustrations used in the Operator's Manual are not definitive. We reserve the right to make changes without prior notice.

Differences in appearance and function of the controls and instruments may occur in certain variants. In such cases, refer to the Operator's Manuals for the applications concerned.

When ordering service or spares, always specify the engine and transmission identification number. Refer to

Technical Data page 80.


WarrantyPlease contact your Volvo Penta dealer if you have not received the Warranty Information or Service Book.Always observe the maintenance intervals in the manual, and remember to note the engine/trans- mission identification number when you order service and spare parts.Fuel, oils and coolantEnvironmental careCertified engines

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