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Environmental care

All of us like to live in a clean, healthy environment, where we can breathe clean air, see healthy trees, have clean water in lakes and seas, and enjoy sun- light without fearing for our health. Unfortunately, this cannot be taken for granted these days, but it is some- thing we all must work to achieve.

Volvo Penta has special responsibility as an engine manufacturer, and for this reason environmental care is a natural cornerstone of our product development. Volvo Penta currently has a broad engine program in which great progress has been made in reducing exhaust emissions, fuel consumption and engine noise etc.

We hope that you will be keen to preserve these qual- ities. Always follow the directions in the Operator's Manual about fuel grades, operation and mainte- nance, to avoid unnecessary environmental effects. Contact your Volvo Penta dealer if you notice any changes such as increased fuel consumption or increased exhaust smoke.

Remember always to hand in environmentally haz- ardous waste such as drained oil, coolant, old batter- ies, etc. for treatment at a recycling facility.

Our united efforts can make a valuable contribution to the environment.

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