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Certified engines

If you own an emission-certified engine used in an area where exhaust emissions are regulated by law, it is important to be aware of the following: Certification means that an engine type has been checked and approved by the relevant authority. The engine manufacturer guarantees that all engines of the same type conforms to the certified engine.

This places special demands on the care and main- tenance you provide your engine in that

• Maintenance and service intervals recom- mended by Volvo Penta must be complied with.

• Only genuine Volvo Penta replacement parts may be used.

• Service on injection pumps, pump settings and injectors must always be carried out by an authorized Volvo Penta workshop.

• The engine must not be converted or modified, except with accessories and service kits that Volvo Penta has developed for the engine.

• No installation changes to the exhaust pipe and engine air inlet ducts may be made.

• Any warranty seals may be broken only by authorized persons.

The general instructions in the Operator's Manual concerning operation, service and maintenance apply.

NOTICE! Late or inadequate maintenance/service or the use of spare parts not approved by Volvo Penta will invalidate AB Volvo Penta’s responsibility for the engine specification being in accordance with the cer- tificated variant.

Damages and/or costs arising from this will not be compensated by Volvo Penta.

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