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Display Control Unit

The DCU control panel is available as an optional accessory for the EMS (Engine Management System) electronic control system.

The DCU is a digital instrument panel which commu- nicates with the engine control unit. The DCU has sev- eral functions, such as engine control, monitoring, diagnostics, and parameter setting.

The menus in the DCU system can be used to check, and in some cases to set, a number of different func- tions in the EMS system.

NOTICE! Settings and what engine data that appears in the display may vary depending on installation and engine model.

NOTICE! The menus and illustrations shown here are the English version. The language can be changed, however; refer to the Setup menu.


10 9 81 2 3 4 5 6Main menuEngine dataPreheatGovernor modeDiagnosticsTrip Data resetSetupCustomer parameter / VersatileCustomer parameter / Gen setThrottle input settingDisplay settingInformationDisplayStatus barAlarms and messagesMenusENGINE DATA (ENGINE DATA)DIAGNOSTICS (DIAGNOSTICS)SETTINGS (SETTINGS)Language (Language)Save/Restore (Save/Restore)IMPORTANT!Authorized Volvo Penta dealer or OEM only

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