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parameter setting in the engine's control systems. Dif- ferent menus appear under Customer parameter, depending on whether Versatile or Gen set has been selected from Set application. See below.


The parameters that can be set/selected (choice is made with the SEL button) are:

Set application, setting Versatile or Gen set. Depending on the selection made here, different menus will appear under Customer parameter.

Unit, setting of units (metric or US imperial).

Language, setting the language used on the dis- play. Choose between English, French, German and Spanish.

Stop energized to, setting of external stop input. Activated by Stop or Run.

Stop: The stop input must be connected to voltage to stop the engine.

Run: The stop input must be connected to voltage to run the engine.

Customer parameter, setting alarm limits. Refer to Customer parameter / Versatile and Customer parameter / Gen set.

Throttle input setting, setting of engine-speed control and voltage limits. Refer to Throttle input setting.

Display setting, setting the display. refer to Display setting.

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