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Starting in Extreme Cold

Certain preparations must be made to enable engine starting in extreme cold, and in some cases to make starting possible at all:

Use a winter grade fuel (of a well-known make) that is approved for the prevailing temperature. This reduces the risk of paraffin wax precipitation in the fuel system. At extremely low temperatures, we rec- ommend the use of a fuel heater.

Use a synthetic engine oil of a viscosity recom- mended for the prevailing temperature to achieve satisfactory lubrication. Refer to

Viscosity page 76. Synthetic lubricants are able to handle a wider temperature range than mineral- based lubricants.

Pre-heat the coolant with a separately-installed electric engine heater. In extreme cases, a diesel- fired engine heater may be necessary. Ask your Volvo Penta dealer for advice.

Make sure the cooling system is filled with a glycol mixture. Refer to Maintenance page 60.

The batteries must be in good condition. Cold weather reduces battery capacity. Increased battery capacity may be necessary.



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