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Group 21-26




2(0)ContentGeneral InformationCertified enginesIntroductionOur mutual responsibilityTightening torquesTorque, angle tighteningLock nutsStrength classesSealing compounds etc.Safety regulations for fluorocarbon rubberWARNING!WARNING!Illustration colorsPositionMovementToolsTools (continuence)ChemicalsCleanlinessSealantUnitsImportantSafetyTechnical Data05-1 Safety InstructionsSafety InformationA compilation of safety precautions that must be taken and risks which must be paid attention to is presented in the following pages.08-1 Universal ToolsOther Equipment885510 Plugs 885633 Torque multiplier 1159794 Torque wrench1678297 Spacer08-2 Special Service ToolsSpecial Tools885530 Rotation tool 885648 Counterhold 885812 Timing tool885822 Magnetic pen9989876 Dial indicator9985468 Valve spring com- pressor9990124 Nipple9991821 Extractor9992000 Handle 9992564 Drift 9996049 Draining hose9996394 Support 9996395 Support 9996398 Manometer9996400 Slide hammer 9996645 Puller 9996666 Nipple9998007 Adapter 9998339 Manometer 9998511 Lever9998672 Press tool 9998673 Press tool 9998675 Press tool9998678 Gauge rod 9998687 Compressor 9999179 Extractor oil filter9999696 Magnetic stand 88800014 Rotation tool 88800050 Fixture88800070 Wrench 88800151 Drift 88800379 Drift88800380 DriftOther Special Equipment9985468 Valve spring com- pressor9985471 Sliding depth gauge 9986485 Stand9989876 Dial indicator 88800083 Piston ring pliers 88890080 Manometer20-0 Engine Information, GeneralDesign and FunctionEngine, description21-0 Engine Complete, GeneralFitting the FixtureEngine Fixture, InstallationEngine DisassemblyTools:3Common Rail unit, removalInlet pipe, removalRocker arm bridges and rocker arms, removalMPROP and fuel pumps, removalFlywheel, removalCAUTION!Engine AssemblyTools:Cylinder liners, installationCrankshaft, installationPiston and connecting rod, assemblingIMPORTANT!IMPORTANT!Pistons and connecting rods, installationPistons, installation999 8687Piston cooling nozzlesTiming gear casing, installationCrankshaft seal, rear, installationFlywheel, installation2 5 CAUTION!10 8Tighten the bolts in the sequence illustrated:Oil pump, front cover, installationCrankshaft seal, front, installationOil suction pipe, installationOil pan, installationTighten in three steps:Determining gasket thickness for the cylinder headCylinder head gasketPiston height: Cylinder head gasket markings (1):Cylinder head, installationTighten in three steps:Cable connectors for injector wiringRocker arm bridges and rocker arms, installationTighten the rocker arm bridge bolts alternately.Injectors, installationIMPORTANT!Tighten in two steps:Install the second fuel pump.Tighten in two steps:Fuel feed pump, installationInlet pipe, installationValve cover, installationInstall the valve cover:Oil filter housing, installationWARNING!21-1 Cylinder HeadCylinder Head, ChangeTools:3Common Rail unit, removalInlet pipe, removalRocker arm bridges and rocker arms, removalInstallationCylinder Head Valve, ChangeTools:Wear limits:5 Install:21-4 Valve MechanismValve Clearance AdjustmentTools:IMPORTANT!885 8121Adjust the valve play for the other valves (cylinder 6 overlapping)Valve Guides, Inspection999 96963 IMPORTANT!Valve Guides, ReplacingTools:RemovalInstallation21-6 Crank MechanismGear Ring, Fywheel: ReplaceWarm the new ring gear to 210° CDrill a hole between two gear teethIMPORTANT!Remove the flywheel ring gearFit the new ring gearCrankshaft Seal, Change (front)Tools:2 Remove the engine protection panels:WARNING!InstallationWARNING!Crankshaft Seal, Change (rear)Tools:2 52 54 322-0 Lubricating and Oil System, GeneralEngine Oil Pressure, CheckTools:Min. oil pressure in hot conditions and at idle:22-2 Oil filterOil filter, ChangeRemovalInstallationCarry out a function testOil Filter Housing, ChangeTools:1 Remove the engine protection panels:InstallationWARNING!23-0 Fuel System, GeneralFuel system, bleedingFuel Pressure, CheckTools:23-3 Fuel Feed Pump and FilterFuel Pump, ChangeTools:999 1821.InstallationFuel Pre-filter, ChangeTools:InstallationEngine Fuel Filter ReplacementRemovalIf the fuel tank has a "higher" location:InstallationIf the fuel tank has a "higher" location:Fuel Feed Pump, CheckRemovalInstallation23-7 Injectors and Delivery PipesInjector, ChangeTools:Drain away return fuel:InstallationSleeve for unit injector, replaceTools:IMPORTANT!CleaningCommon Rail, ChangeTools:Common Rail, dismantlingCommon Rail, assemblyInstallationFuel Injection Pipe, ChangeTools:Installation23-8 Control System, ECM, Data SetsControl Valve, ChangeTools:Remove the control valve3 Install:25-1 Inlet and Exhaust ManifoldsIntake Manifold, ChangeInstallationExhaust Manifold, ChangeRemovalInstallation:25-5 Turbo and superchargerTurbo, ChangeRemovalInstallationCharge Air Pressure, CheckTools:Installation25-6 Air Cleaner, Throttle HousingAir Filter, ChangeRemovalInstallationPre-heating, ChangeRemovalInstallation26-1 Radiator, Heat ExchangerRadiator Assembly (Complete Unit), ChangeTools:2 Remove the engine protection panels:InstallationDrive Belt, ChangeIMPORTANT!26-2 Coolant Pump, ThermostatCoolant Pump, ChangeTools:2 Remove the engine protection panels:WARNING!InstallationWARNING!Thermostat, ChangeTools:1 Remove the engine protection panels:Installation32-1 AlternatorAlternator, ChangeAlternator, generalRemovalWARNING!InstallationWARNING!33-1 Starter MotorStarter Motor, ChangeStarter motor, generalRemovalInstallation37-0 Wiring DiagramsWiring DiagramEngine wire harness, EMS 2References to Service Bulletins

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