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Design and Function


Engine, descriptionLocation of engine plate (early design)Location of engine plate (late design)Engine serial numberCylinder numberingA1 2 3 4 5 6Location of sensorsEMS 2SummaryInput signals Output signalsFuel controlDiagnostic functionCylinder headCylinder blockOil panSealing jointsCylinder head, alignment with the blockPiston, cylinder liner and connecting rodCamshaft and valve mechanismCrankshaft, oscillation damper, flywheelTiming gearHousingsOil pumpOil filter housingOil coolerPiston cooling systemFuel pre-filter and water separatorFuel feed pumpFuel filterUnit pumpsPressure pipes and common railInjector delivery pipe and injectorExhaust manifold and turbochargerCooling SystemCoolant pump and thermostatDrive belt

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