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General Information00-0 General 2Certified enginesWhen carrying out service and repair on emis- sion-certified engines, it is important to be aware of the following:IMPORTANT!Introduction! WARNING!Our mutual responsibilityTightening torquesTorque, angle tighteningLock nutsStrength classesSealing compounds etc.RTV preparations (Room Temperature Vulcaniz- ing).Anaerobic agents.Safety regulations for fluorocarbon rubberWARNING!WARNING!Please note that seals which have not been exposed to high temperature can be handled nor- mally.Illustration colorsPositionMovementToolsTools (continuence)ChemicalsCleanlinessSealantUnitsImportantSafetyTechnical DataGroup 20 GeneralGroup 21 EnginesEngine block385 mmCylinder head boltsCylinder head gasketCylinder linerPistonPiston ringsCompression ringsSpecification Wear tolerance0.07 mm0.3 mm1.5 mm35.5 mm35.5 mmSpecification Wear tolerance0.03 mm 0.075 mm0.25 mm. 0.3 mm22.7 mm –Valve seat angle (A)Seat angle in cylinder head (B)Specification Wear tolerance1.25 mm +0.25/–0.1 mm1.25 mm +0.25/–0.1 mmValve seats StandardValve seat bedValve guidesInternal diameterSpecification Wear tolerance0.02 mm ±0.01 mm0.03 mm ±0.01 mmInletExhaustTiming gearValve liftCamshaft bearingsReciprocating componentsCrankshaftMain bearing journalUndersizeOversizeThrust washers (thrust bearing) Main bearing shellsUndersizeBig end journal shellsOversize0.04 mmGroup 22 Lubrication SystemLubrication oil pumpGroup 23 Fuel systemCommon railFeed pumpGroup 25 inlet and exhaust systemTurbochargerGroup 26 cooling systemCoolantTightening torqueGeneral tightening torque valuesBolts, grade 8.8, median levelMain bearingBig end bearing7 910 8Cylinder headGroup 23 Fuel systemFuel pumpGroup 25 inlet and exhaust systemExhaust manifoldGroup 26 cooling system

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