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Group 21-26




TAD1341GE, TAD1342GE, TAD1343GE, TAD1344GE, TAD1345GE, TAD1340VE, TAD1341VE, TAD1342VE, TAD1343VE, TAD1344VE, TAD1345VE, TAD1350VE, TAD1351VE, TAD1352VE, TAD1353VE, TAD1350GE, TAD1351GE, TAD1352GE, TAD1353GE, TAD1354GE, TAD1355GE, TAD1360VE, TAD1361VE, TAD1362VE, TAD1363VE, TAD1364VE, TAD1365VE, TAD1371VE, TAD1372VE, TAD1373VE,

TAD1374VE, TAD1375VE



General Information00-0 General 3Certified enginesWhen carrying out service and repair on emis- sion-certified engines, it is important to be aware of the following:IMPORTANT!Introduction! WARNING!Our mutual responsibilityTightening torquesTorque, angle tighteningLock nutsStrength classesSealing compounds etc.RTV preparations (Room Temperature Vulcaniz- ing).Anaerobic agents.Safety regulations for fluorocarbon rubberWARNING!WARNING!Please note that seals which have not been exposed to high temperature can be handled nor- mally.Illustration colorsPositionMovementToolsTools (continuence)ChemicalsCleanlinessSealantUnitsImportantSafetyFanIMPORTANT!03-2 Specifications, EngineGeneral Tightening TorquesGeneral Tightening TorquesSpecial Tightening Torques Group 21: Engine4Front engine mountings, engine blockFront and rear L bracketsMain bearing capsBig end bearing cap24 22 19 18Frame reinforcementTiming gear plateTiming gear wheelsFlywheel and timing coverTiming Gear Cover, UpperFlywheelCover, crankshaft sealVibration damper, crankshaftCylinder headBearing caps, camshaft/rocker arm shaftValve CoverValve mechanismGroup 22: Lubrication SystemSumpOil coolerGroup 23: Fuel SystemUnit injectorBypass valve / fuel line bracketsGroup 25: Inlet and Exhaust SystemIntake ManifoldExhaust ManifoldTurboLocation of Sensors1 2 3Group 26: Cooling SystemEngine, GeneralTechnical Data Engine bodyCylinder headCylinder Head BoltsCylinder blockCylinder LinerPistonPiston ringsValve mechanismValvesRocker arm, EGRValve seatsValve seat positionValve guidesRocker ArmValve springsEngine TransmissionTiming gear wheelsCamshaftCamshaft BearingsCrank MechanismCrankshaftMain bearing journalsThrust washers (thrust bearing)Main bearing cupBig-end journalsConnecting rod bearing cupConnecting rodFlywheel, installedFlywheel housing, installedLubrication SystemTechnical DataFuel SystemTechnical DataInlet and Exhaust SystemTechnical DataCooling SystemTechnical Data03-3 Specifications, ElectricalSteering SystemSensorCoolant temperature sensorCharge air temperature sensorCamshaft sensorCrankcase sensor05-1 Safety InstructionsSafety InformationA compilation of safety precautions that must be taken and risks which must be paid attention to is presented in the following pages.08-2 Special Service Tools9996398 Manometer 1678297 Spacer 9991801 Standard handle9988539 Compression meter 9990006 Puller 9990013 Slide hammer9990124 Nipple 9990166 Mounting tool 9990185 Lifting tool9990192 Puller 9992000 Handle 9993590 Rotation tool9996666 Nipple 9998007 Adapter 9998248 Adapter9998249 Protective sleeve 9998251 Protection plug 9998339 Manometer9986173 Puller 9998599 Cleaning kit 9999179 Extractor oil filter9998250 Sealing ring 88800387 Puller 9998493 Hose88800196 Drift 88890102 Nipple 88890104 Pump9992955 Plate 88800031 Measuring tool 9998598 Sleeve9998264 Lifting tool 885810 Fixture 9998601 Fixture9998531 Piston ring compres- sor88800127 Drift 88800147 Drift 9992670 Hand pump88800058 Stand 9990174 Drift 9998246 Drift9990210 Valve spring com- pressor9998267 Guide sleeve 9992269 Drift 9990263 Nipple88890105 Refractometer 88800460 Sleeve885510 Plugs 885633 Torque multiplier 1159794 Torque wrench885648 Counterhold 885812 Timing tool 885822 Magnetic pen9998511 Lever 9999696 Magnetic stand 9989876 Dial indicator9999683 Dial indicator (short probe)885811 Timing tool 1158957 PliersSymptoms and possible causesReason codeCommon Interference CausesFunctional DisturbancesCloggingSuitable actions External cleaning:Internal cleaning:Further checksCompression TestTools:9998248998 8539999 82489998248Fuel Feed Pressure, CheckTools:Cooling System, Pressure TestingAlternative 1 WARNING!Alternative 2 WARNING!Alternative 3 WARNING!Charge Pressure, TroubleshootingCharge Air Pressure, CheckExhaust system, inspectionCharge air cooler, checkingInlet manifold, inspectionCharge air pipes, checkingCharge Air Cooler, External CleaningIMPORTANT!Charge Air Pipe, Leakage CheckTurbocharger, InspectionSensors, AdjustmentSensor removed.4 Determine further actions according to the following:Thermostat, Function Check21-0 Engine Complete, GeneralExposing the EngineExposingCircuit descriptionFitting the FixtureIMPORTANT!Tools:Tools:Engine DisassemblyTiming Gear, RemovalLube Oil Pump, RemovalPistons, RemovalCylinder Liners, RemovalCrankshaft, RemovalEngine AssemblyCrankshaft, InstallationCylinder Liner, InstallationPistons, InstallationLube Oil Pump, InstallationTiming Gear, Installation21-1 Cylinder HeadCylinder Head, RemovalOil and coolant drained.1IMPORTANT!999 6400999 8264999 8251999 6239IMPORTANT!9996966Cylinder Head, InstallationTools:236 35999 8264885 8102 19996400IMPORTANT!IMPORTANT!1 3 5 7 9 112 46 8 10 1213 12 11199 8 721-3 Cylinder Liner, PistonsCylinder Liner and Pistons, InspectionClean the cylinder liners carefully before inspec- tion and measurement.PistonsConnecting Rod, CheckImportant consideration when removing/installing fracture-split connecting rods.IMPORTANT!Connecting Rod Bushing, Check up3 IMPORTANT!21-4 Valve MechanismValves and Unit Injectors, AdjustmentIdentifying the valve systemTiming marksStandard valve mechanismValve mechanism equipped with VCB (Volvo Compression Brake)Valve mechanism equipped with Internal EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation)Standard valve mechanismTools:Valve mechanism equipped with VCB (Volvo Compression Brake)Tools:6 IMPORTANT!8 Inspection: VCB rocker arm clearanceAdjustment: VCB rocker arm clearanceFollow-up checks: VCB rocker arm adjust- mentTightening torque: 25 Nm (18.4 lbf. ft.)Valve mechanism equipped with Internal EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation)Tightening torque: 25 Nm (18.4 lbf. ft.)Valve Guides, InspectionTools:Cylinder head removedIMPORTANT!999 9696Valve Guides, ReplacingCylinder head removed.Option 1 Tools:Optional tools Tools:999 2670980 9729InstallationCAUTION!RemovalInstallationValves, RemovalAlternative 1Tools:Alternative 2Alternative 2Valves, InstallationAlternative 1 Tools:Alternative 2Alternative 2Valve Seats and Valve, GrindingValve seat, grindingValves, grindingValve Seat, ChangeCylinder head and valves removed.IMPORTANT!IMPORTANT!Valve Stem Sealings, ReplaceTools:88800151Installation21-5 Timing Gears and ShaftCamshaft, Wear CheckRocker bridge removed.Lighter scratches:Hard wear:Camshaft Bearing Housing, ReplaceFlywheel, Indication999 9696Gear Ring, Fywheel: ReplaceFlywheel removed.Sensors, AdjustmentSensor removed.4 Determine further actions according to the following:21-6 Crank MechanismCrankshaft Seal, Change (front)Tools:IMPORTANT!Alternative 1, seal removalAlternative 2, seal removalInstallationCrankshaft Seal, Change (rear)Tools:InstallationCrankshaft, InspectionThe crankshaft is induction hardened.IMPORTANT!Main bearing, ChangeOil pan removedTools:Installation22-1 Oil pump and LineLubrication Oil Pump, ChangeEngine oil drained.InstallationCAUTION!22-2 Oil filterOil Pressure Sensor, CheckTools:Oil Filter Bracket, ChangeRemovalInstallationSafety Valve, Oil Pressure, ReplaceTools:Bypass Valve, Oil Filter Bypass, ReplaceIMPORTANT!22-3 Oil coolerOil Cooler, ReplaceCoolant drained.21Thermostat Oil Cooler, Change23-0 Fuel System, GeneralFuel system, bleedingDraining, Fuel Duct in Cylinder HeadIMPORTANT!IMPORTANT!23-3 Fuel Feed Pump and FilterFuel Feed Pressure, CheckTools:Fuel filter housing, changeIMPORTANT!InstallationFuel Feed Pump, ChangeRemovalInstallation23-7 Injectors and Delivery PipesUnit Injector, ReplaceTools:999 8251InstallationSleeve for unit injector, replaceTools:IMPORTANT!IMPORTANT!999 8580IMPORTANT!88800196IMPORTANT!IMPORTANT!8880019688800196999825023-8 Control System, ECM, Data SetsControl Unit, Replace! WARNING!25-0 Inlet and Exhaust System, GeneralCharge Air Pipe, Leakage Check25-1 Inlet and Exhaust ManifoldsIntake Manifold, ChangeRemovalInstallation25-4 Emission Control, Catalytic ConverterControl valve e-EGR, changeIMPORTANT!RemovalInstallationEGR mixing chamber, changeIMPORTANT!RemovalInstallation25-5 Turbo and superchargerTurbocharger, InspectionTurbo, ChangeRemovalInstallation25-6 Air Cleaner, Throttle HousingAir throttle, changeCAUTION!25-8 Emission After-TreatmentRepair instructionsIMPORTANT!WARNING!Electrically Heated AdBlue/DEF Hose, ChangeAdBlue/DEF Tank, ChangeTools:1158957IMPORTANT!AdBlue/DEF Tank, ChangeTools:1158957InstallationAdBlue/DEF Tank, CleaningCAUTION!AdBlue/DEF Tank, CleaningTools:1158957IMPORTANT!Exhaust Temperature Sensor, ChangeDosing unit, changeRemovalCAUTION!InstallationAdBlue/DEF-Pump Filter, ChangeTools:AdBlue/DEF-Pump Filter, ChangeTightening torque: 20 (+5) Nm (14.8 +3.68 Ibf. ft.)ATools:AInstallationPressure Sensor, ChangeTools:IMPORTANT!BPump Unit, Change1 1IMPORTANT!IMPORTANT!Pump Unit, ChangeRemovalInstallationCombined Tank Unit, AdBlue/DEF Tank, ChangeCombined Tank Unit, AdBlue/DEF Tank, ChangeTools:1158957InstallationTemperature Sensor, ChangeTools:IMPORTANT!BChecking for diesel or oil in the AdBlue/DEF solutionEvaluationChecking urea concentration in the fluidTools:Evaluation26-0 Cooling System, GeneralDraining the Cooling SystemWARNING!Cooling System, CleaningWARNING!Coolant Level, Checking and Topping UpWARNING!Coolant Level, Checking and Topping UpFilling a completely empty systemCooling System, Pressure TestingAlternative 1 WARNING!Alternative 2 WARNING!Alternative 3 WARNING!26-2 Coolant Pump, ThermostatCoolant Pump, ChangeTools:InstallationThermostat, ChangeTools:InstallationThermostat, ChangeRemovalInstallationDrive BeltsRemovalCAUTION!InstallationCAUTION!Belt Tensioner, ChangeRemovalInstallationThermostat, Function CheckCoolant Filter, ChangeTools:Installation26-3 Fan, Fan ShroudBelt ProtectorRight belt guardLeft belt guardUpper belt guard32-1 AlternatorAlternator Belt, ChangeRemovalCAUTION!InstallationCAUTION!Belt Tensioner, ChangeRemovalInstallationReferences to Service Bulletins

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