FMI 5 – Current below normal or open circuit
Fault code explanation:
Fault indication: EMS: Flashcode
Flash code
Electrical fault: 4.6
Value fault: None.
Symptom: The engine cannot be started.
The engine starts immediately when ignition is turned on.
Preconditions: General check for starter motor problems
Check the starter motor cables and the connections.
Check that the starter relay pull during the start attempt.
Conditions for fault code: The voltage on pin B29 in the engine control unit is less than normal voltage.
Possible reason: Open circuit in ignition cable.
Faulty start relay.
Suitable action: 1 Check the ignition cable.
2 Check the start relay on the starter motor.
3 Check the prestart relay. (only on TAD1250-1252VE)
4 Check the contact pressure in socket 29 in the engine connector B.
Circuit description
The engine control unit pin B29 senses when ignition
is switched on that the start relay coil is intact. When
ignition on there is battery voltage potential on pin B29.
When the starter is activated the voltage potential on
pin B29 drops to 0V. On the TAD950-952VE and on
the TAD1350-1355GE engines there is one starter
relay on the startermotor. The TAD1250-1252VE
engine also has a prestart relay.
Checking starter motor relay page 167
30-2 Fault Tracing
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