FMI 5 – Current below normal or open circuit
Fault code explanation: Faulty regulator / Faulty regulator circuit
Fault indication: DCU: Engine warning in DCU display.
CIU: None.
Flash code
Electrical fault: None.
Value fault: None.
Conditions for fault code: The voltage on pin B38 on the EMS2 deviates from normal voltage value.
Possible reason: Open circuit in wastegate regulator signal cable.
Open circuit in wastegate regulator battery negative cable.
Faulty wastegate regulator.
Suitable action: 1 Check all cable and connectors between EMS2 and wastegate regu-
2 Check contact pressure in socket 38 engine connector B.
3 Change wastegate regulator.
TAD1340-1345VE, TAD1350VE,
TWD1643GE, TWD1663GE,
30-2 Fault Tracing
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