Trimming the injector
The electronic trim strategy is used to ensure that all
injectors run
with nominal timing and fuel delivery. This
is achieved by adjusting the beginning and end of the
electronic drive waveform for each actuator to com-
pensate for spread in actuation and deactuation times
of the two actuators in each injectors and to correct for
variations in fuelling due to nozzle flow variations.
NOTICE! Write down the new injector’s code before
installation. The code consists of 9 characters and is
on the injector’s electric connector under the SN num-
1 Connect Vodia and switch on the current for the
2 Go into the ”Service and maintenance” menu in
3 Select ”Parameter, programming”.
4 Press ”Play”.
5 Select the cylinder number corresponding to the
injector which has been changed.
6 Enter the new injector’s code. Click ”OK”.
7 Close ”Parameter, programming”.
8 Vodia will ask you to ”Turn off the main switch”, then
follow the instructions.
9 Report the parameters back as in items 10 - 13
in ”Programming the control unit”.
30-2 Fault Tracing
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