Check the fan clutch solenoid
Description: The fan clutch is engaged by energizing a solenoid using a PWM signal.
Special tools: 9990014 Break-out cable
9998699 Break-out box
88890074 Multimeter
Measurement procedure: 1 Turn the main switch off.
2 Perform Fault tracing of cables and connectors page 62.
3 Disconnect the fan connector near the fan.
4 Start the resistance measurement.
5 Connect 9990014 Break-out cable according to description.
6 Turn the main switch on.
7 Turn the ignition on
8 Start the measurement.
Sensor test:
C - B (connector pins) R ≈ 10.4 ±1.3 Ω at 90 °C (194 °F).
Measurement points: B49 (low side switch)
B49 - bat(-) U ≈ PWM output (clutch engagment dependent)
Vodia logging throttle signal
To verify
the throttle signal on the J1587 bus do as fol-
1 Choose “Log test” under the “Service and mainte-
nance” menu.
2 Choose “MID 128, Accelerator Pedal Position” and
“MID 144, Throttle Calibrated Position” and press
3 Verify that booth throttle values displayed in per-
centage by Vodia changes simultaneous while
moving the throttle.
30-2 Fault Tracing
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