The components in the electrical and fuel sys-
tems on
Volvo Penta products are designed and
manufactured to minimize the risk of fire and
explosion. The engine must not be run in areas
where there are explosive materials.
Exercise extreme caution when leak-detecting
on the fuel system and testing the fuel injector
nozzles. Use
eye protection. The jet from a fuel
nozzle has very high pressure and great pene-
tration power. Fuel can force its way deep into
body tissue and cause severe injury. There is a
risk of blood poisoning (septicemia).
Only use fuels and lubricating oils recom-
mended by
Volvo Penta. Refer to the Operator's
Manual for the product in question. Use of fuels
that are of a lower grade may damage the
engine, the injection pump and the injectors. On
a diesel engine, low grade fuel can cause the
control rod to bind and the engine to over-rev,
with the risk of engine damage and personal
injury as a result. Low fuel and oil grades may
result in high service, maintenance and repair
Never use a high-pressure washer for cleaning
the engine.
Pay attention
to the following when using a high-
pressure washer on components other than the
actual engine: Never direct the water jet at
seals, rubber hoses or electrical components.
Fuel delivery pipes must not be bent or straight-
ened under any circumstances. Cracks may
occur. Damaged pipes must be replaced.
05-1 Safety Instructions
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