CIU - Control Interface Unit
is a “translator” between the CAN bus and the
customer’s own control panel. This unit has two serial
communication links, one fast and one slow.
The fast one is a CAN link that features a bus speed
of 250 Kbit/s. All data regarding instruments, indicator
lamps, contacts and potentiometers are controlled by
this bus.
The slower J1708/J1587 link handles diagnostic infor-
mation for, among other things, the flashing code. The
VODIA diagnosis tool also uses the J1708/J1587 link
to communicate with the system.
DCU - Display Control Unit
DCU is a digital instrument panel that communicates
with the engine control unit via the CAN link. DCU has
several functions, such as:
Engine control
- Start, stop, speed control, pre-heating etc.
- Engine speed, boost pressure, boost temperature,
coolant temperature, oil pressure, oil temperature,
engine hours, battery voltage, instantaneous fuel
consumption and fuel consumption (trip fuel).
- Shows fault codes in text. Lists previous faults.
Parameter setting
- Idling speed, alarm limit for oil temperature/coolant
temperature, droop.
- Preheating for ignition.
- Information about hardware, software and engine
30-0 General
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