Component description
Starter motor
During starting, a gear on the starter rotor shaft is
moved axially so that it engages with the ring gear on
the engine’s flywheel. The axial movement as well as
the activation of the starter motor is controlled by a
solenoid on the starter motor.
solenoid in turn is connected via the starter
relay, which is activated when the starter key is turned
to position III/the starter button is pressed.
Wastegate regulator
The TAD1340-1345VE, TAD1350VE,
TAD1341-1345GE, TAD1350-55GE and TWD1643/
TWD1663/TWG1663GE engine is equipped with a tur-
bocharger with a wastegate valve. The wastegate
valve controls the amount of exhaust gas flow which
should pass through the exhaust turbine. An electron-
ically controlled regulation valve, wastegate regulator,
which is controlled by the engine control unit controls
the air pressure supplied to the wastegate valve. Boost
air pressure taken from the inlet manifold is used to
control the amount that the wastegate opens.
TWD1643GE, TWD1663GE, TWG1663GE
TAD1340-1345VE, TAD1350VE, TAD1341-1345GE,
30-0 General
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