The alternator is belt driven and is located at the left
front of the engine.
Unit injector
The unit injectors are located under the valve cover,
mounted in the cylinder head.
The engine’s fuel requirement is analyzed up to 100
times per second (depending on engine rpm). The
fuel injected into the engine and the injection
timing are electronically controlled via the unit injec-
tor’s solenoid controlled fuel valves. This means that
the engine always receives the correct volume of fuel
in all operating conditions, which offers lower fuel con-
sumption, minimal exhaust emissions etc.
Speed sensor, crankshaft
The sensor is located in the left side of the flywheel
The flywheel speed sensor is of the inductive type. It
reads off the crankshaft position and speed from
grooves in the flywheel. The signal is sent to the control
unit, which calculates injection timing and fuel quantity.
Speed sensor, camshaft
The position sensor is located in the upper timing gear
cover. The camshaft position sensor is of the inductive-
sensor type. The sensor reads off a cogged wheel with
7 cogs. The impulses from the camshaft sensor give
the control unit information about which cylinder is in
turn for injection and when it is performed.
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