Repair instructions
The working methods described in this manual are
based on a workshop scenario where the product is
mounted in a holding fixture. Maintenance work is
often carried out on site, in which case – if nothing
else is indicated – using the same working methods
as the workshop.
Warning symbols that occur in the service manual.
For significance, refer to Safety Information .
no means comprehensive since not everything
can be foreseen as service work is carried out in the
most varied of circumstances. We call attention to
risks that may occur due to incorrect handling during
work in a well-equipped workshop using working
methods and tools tried and tested by us.
The service manual describes work operations car-
ried out with the aid of Volvo Penta Special Tools,
where such have been developed. Volvo Penta Spe-
cial Tools are designed to ensure the safest and most
rational working methods possible. It is therefore the
responsibility of anyone using tools or working meth-
ods other than those we recommend to ensure that
no risk of personal injury or mechanical damage is
present, or that malfunction can result.
In some cases, special safety regulations and user
instructions may be in force for the tools and chemi-
cals mentioned in the Service Manual. These regu-
lations must always be followed, and no special
instructions regarding this are to be found in the Serv-
ice Manual.
By taking these basic precautions and using common
sense it will be possible to guard against most ele-
ments of risk. A clean workplace and a clean product
will eliminate many risks of personal injury and mal-
Above all, when working on fuel systems, hydraulic
systems, lubrication systems, turbochargers, inlet
systems, bearings and seals, it is of the utmost impor-
tance that dirt and foreign objects are kept away, as
malfunctions or shortened service intervals may oth-
erwise result.
Our mutual responsibility
Each product
comprises a large number of interacting
systems and components. A deviation from the tech-
nical specification may dramatically increase the
environmental impact of an otherwise reliable sys-
tem. It is therefore critical that the stated wear toler-
ances be adhered to, that systems which can be
adjusted be correctly set up and that only Volvo Penta
Original Parts are used. The intervals in the care and
maintenance schedule must be followed.
Some systems, e.g. fuel systems, often require spe-
cial expertise and test equipment. A number of com-
ponents are factory-sealed, for among other things
environmental reasons. Warranty-sealed compo-
nents may not be worked on without authorization to
perform such work.
Remember that most chemical products, incorrectly
used, are harmful to the environment. Volvo Penta
recommends the use of biodegradable degreasers
whenever components are cleaned, unless otherwise
specified in the Service Manual. When working out-
doors, take especial care to ensure that oils and wash
residues etc. are correctly properly for destruction.
Tightening torques
Tightening torques for vital fasteners that must be
applied using a torque wrench are indicated in the
Service Manual, chapter Tightening torques and in
the Manual's work descriptions. All torque indications
apply to clean threads, bolt heads and mating faces.
Indicated torque data apply to lightly-oiled or dry
threads. If lubricants, locking fluids or sealants are
required for fasteners, the correct type will be noted
in the job description.
Torque, angle tightening
When torque/angle tightening, the fastener is tight-
ened to a specified torque, and tightening then con-
tinues through a pre-determined angle.
Example: For 90° angle tightening, the fastener is
turned a further 1/4 turn in one sequence, after the
specified tightening torque has been achieved.
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