Air filter pressure / temperature sensor
Air filter pressure and air filter temperature are meas-
a combined sensor placed above the air filter.
The air filter pressure sensor measures absolute pres-
sure, the sum of air filter pressure and atmospheric
pressure. The sensor consists of a monitor that sends
a signal to the control unit when the pressure in the air
filter becomes too high.
The air filter temperature sensor consists of a non-lin-
ear resistor, where the resistance is dependant on the
temperature of the resistor body. The resistance drops
as temperature rises.
Crankcase pressure sensor
The sensor is located on top of the engine in the middle
of the valve cover on the engine’s left side.
The pressure signal is a voltage signal proportional to
the pressure. The sensor reference voltage is 5 Volts.
Switch, water in fuel
The switch is located in the lower part of the fuel pre-
It’s purpose is to detect water in the fuel system.The
switch comprises two copper electrodes, between
which the resistance is measured. When the resist-
ance drops below a certain limit, which indicates that
there is water in the fuel, a warning message is sent to
the control unit.
Exhaust temperature sensor
The exhaust temperature sensor consists of a Pt-200
sensor where the resistance changes depending on
exhaust temperature. The resistance increases with
rising exhaust temperature.
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