Reprogramming a control unit
ID number must be readily available to
allow the software to be downloaded.
1 Log in to
Volvo Penta Partner Network’s website:
2 Choose “Service & Warranty > VODIA > ECU programming”.
3 Follow the instructions under “Select Chassis ID”.
Choose the control units to be reprogrammed and download the software.
The software for the control units is now downloaded to the PDA
4 Take a look under “Settings”, “Software information” in VODIA to check that the
software has been downloaded.
5 Connect the VODIA to the engine (control unit) to be programmed.
6 Start with the engine control unit.
Select “Engine with mounting and equipment” in the VODIA menu.
Select “MID 128 Control unit, programming”.
VODIA will guide you through the entire programming process.
7 NOTICE! Programming must be reported back to Volvo Penta within 28 days.
Log in to Volvo Penta Partner Network’s web site (
8 Choose “VODIA” in the left-hand menu.
9 Choose “Report software” in the left-hand menu.
10 Follow the instructions for “Report software”.
Click “Report”.
1. PDA = “Personal Digital Assistant” (palmtop computer).
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