Programming an empty control unit
When a new engine control unit is installed, where no
software has been downloaded, the control unit must
be programmed.
The new
control unit must have the same part number
as the old control unit. If the control units do not have
the same part number, it will not be possible to program
the new control unit until a “Conversion kit” has been
ordered from Volvo Penta.
If the control units have the same part number, the new
control unit can be programmed as usual. Please refer
to Reprogramming a control unit page 54.
If the part numbers do not coincide – proceed as pos-
1 Have both part numbers available.
2 Log in to Volvo Penta Partner Network’s web site:
3 Choose “Service & Warranty > VODIA > Conver-
sion kit / Accessory kit wizard”.
4 Select engine type and function.
5 Select conversion kit(s) and chassis ID.
6 All selections will be shown in a summary. Click
continue if they are correct.
7 Volvo Penta’s database is now updated. It can take
about a minute before a confirmation is sent.
8 Programming of the control unit can now start.
Please refer to Reprogramming a control
unit page 54.
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