Alternator fault tracing
Checking the brushes and the regulator
NOTICE! Cut the current with the main switch.
all connectors on the alternator. B+, B-, etc.
Remove the plastic cover over the diodes. The plas-
tic cover is fixed with two nuts on B1+, B2+, and a
pozidrive screw.
Remove the three screws that holds the brushes
and the regulator.
Checking the brushes
Measure the length of the brushes between the
brush mating surface and the brush holder. If any
brush is damaged the brushes should be replaced.
Checking the regulator
Set 88890074 Multimeter to diode measurement.
Connect the probes between the brushes. Check
that there is no short circuit.
Switch the probe points and check that there is no
short circuit.
NOTICE! If a regulator fault is suspected install a
new regulator and test operate the charge system.
Checking the rotor
Set 88890074 Multimeter to diode measurement.
Connect one probe to each slip ring. The multimeter
should show low resistance but not 0 ohm (short
circuit) or infinity (open circuit).
Check that the slip rings do not have any burn marks
or other damage.
Short circuit test the rotor
1 Set the 88890074 Multimeter to diode measure-
2 Connect the probes between one of the slip rings
and the stator body. The multimeter should indicate
OL otherwise the rotor has a short circuit.
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