Manual fault tracing in bus cables
88890074 Multimeter
Cut the
current with the main switch before the cables
are disconnected.
Use the multimeter to check the bus cables. The con-
ductors in the bus cables should not be in contact with
each other.
Disconnect a bus cable at each end and measure the
resistance between the pins to check this. The multi-
meter should show infinite resistance between each
pin. If the resistance is less than infinite, there is a fault.
Measuring the engine cables
Two types of measurements are done on the engine
cable harness, both resistance measurement and volt-
age measurement.
The measurements are done to ensure that no open
circuits or short circuits occur.
If there is an open circuit, the resistance is infinite, and
if there is a short circuit, it is close to zero. The resist-
ance values given in the workshop manual are approx-
imate, and should be regarded as guidelines.
NOTICE! When resistance measurement is done, the
engine should be stopped and system voltage should
be cut off with the main switch.
All resistance measurement is done at +20 °C (68 °F)
and with a cold engine.
30-0 General
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