Fault code information
MID (“Message Identification Description”):
MID consists of a number which designates
the control unit that sent the fault code message.
(e.g. the engine control unit).
PID (“Parameter Identification Description”):
The PID consists of a number that designates a
parameter (value) to which the fault code relates
(oil pressure, for example).
PPID (“Proprietary PID”):
The same as the PID, but this is a Volvo-specific
SID (“Subsystem Identification Description”):
The SID consists of a number that designates a
component to which the fault code relates (tach-
ometer, for example).
PSID (“Proprietary SID”):
The same as the SID, but this is a Volvo-specific
FMI (“Failure Mode Identifier”):
FMI indicates the type of fault (please refer to
the FMI table below).
Suspect Parameter Number
FMI table
SAE standard
FMI Display text SAE text
0 “Value too high” Data valid but above normal operational range.
1 “Value too low” Data valid but below operational range.
2 “Faulty data” Data erratic, intermittent or incorrect
3 “Electrical fault” Voltage above normal or shorted high.
4 “Electrical fault” Voltage below normal or shorted to lower voltage.
5 “Electrical fault” Current below normal or open circuit.
6 “Electrical fault” Current above normal or short circuit to battery negative
7 “Mechanical fault” Mechanical system not responding properly
8 “Mechanical or electrical fault” Abnormal frequency, pulse width or period
9 “Communication fault” Abnormal update rate
10 “Mechanical or electrical fault” Abnormally large variations
11 “Unknown fault” Unidentifiable error.
12 “Component fault” Faulty device or component
13 “Faulty calibration” Calibration value out of range.
14 “Unknown fault” Special instructions
15 “Unknown fault” Reserved for future use
SAE standard
FMI Help
2 Short circuit to battery voltage, injector high voltage side
3 Short circuit to battery voltage, injector low voltage side
4 Short circuit to battery negative, injector low voltage or high voltage side
9 Open circuit in injector circuit.
30-0 General
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