30-2 Fault Tracing
Fault tracing of cables and
88890074 Multimeter
9998482 Measuring tool
Check all connectors visually
Check the following:
Look for oxidation which can impair contact in con-
Check that terminals are undamaged, that they are
correctly inserted
into their connectors, and that the
cable is correctly terminated in the terminal.
Check that there is good mechanical contact in the
connector. Use a loose pin to check this.
The multi-pin connectors for the engine control unit
must only be checked with 9998482 Measuring
Carefully insert 9998482 Measuring tool into the
multi-pin connector. Pull and push the connector in
and out a few times and feel whether the terminal
socket grasps the tool. If the terminal socket does
not grasp, or if it feels slack, the connection pins
should be changed. Please refer to Joining electrical
cables for connectors. Check the secondary locking
in the connector.
If possible, shake the cables and pull the connectors
during measurement to discover whether the cable
harness is damaged.
Check that the cables are not damaged. Avoid
clamping cables in tight bends close to the connec-
Check the function of the secondary locking.
30-2 Fault Tracing
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