FMI 5 – Current below normal or open circuit
Fault code explanation: Faulty sensor / Faulty sensor circuit
Fault indication: DCU: Engine warning in DCU display
CIU: Flash code
Flash code
Electrical fault: 3.6
Value fault: 3.8
Symptom: None.
Conditions for fault code: The voltage on pin B16 on the EMS2 is less than 0.07 Volt.
Possible reason: Open circuit in fuel sensor 5V supply cable.
Open circuit in fuel sensor signal cable.
Short circuited sensor signal cable to battery negative.
Faulty sensor.
Suitable action: 1 Check the cable harness between the fuel sensor and EMS2.
2 Check the contact pressure in socket 16 and 17 in the engine connector
3 Check the sensor.
FMI 7 – Mechanical system not responding properly
Fault code explanation: Fuel pressure is too low.
Fault indication: Warning is displayed in the tachometer/display.
An orange lamp flashes in the alarm display.
Symptom: None.
Preconditions: Fuel
pressure is too low. Fuel pressure depends on engine revolution speed.
Conditions for fault code: Fuel pressure is lower than the value specified in the engine protection
parameter. For parameters, see Administration page 7.
Suitable action: 1 Check the fuel level.
2 Open all fuel cocks and check that no leakage occurs.
3 Check the fuel hoses to ensure that none have been crushed or kinked.
4 Change the fuel filters (primary and secondary filter).
5 Check the fuel sensor by control measuring the fuel pressure. (see
workshop manual)
6 Check the overflow valve and change it if necessary.
7 Check the feed pump.
30-2 Fault Tracing
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