MID 128, PID 110 Engine coolant
FMI 0 – Data valid but above normal operational range
Fault code explanation: Coolant temperature too high.
Fault indication: DCU: Engine warning in DCU display.
CIU: Flash code
Flash code
Electrical fault: 3.3
Value fault: 6.1
Symptom: Engine is derated if the engine protection parameter is activated.
Conditions for fault code: Coolant water temperature exceeds the set value of the engine protection
Possible reason: Coolant level too low.
Dust or dirt on the outside of the radiator.
Drive belt is not properly adjusted.
Worn impeller in the coolant pump.
There is air in the coolant water system.
Faulty thermostat.
Faulty temperature sensor.
Clogged cooling water system.
Suitable action: 1 Check the coolant level.
2 Check the outside of radiator for dust and dirt.
3 Check the drive belt adjustment.
4 Check the impeller in the coolant pump.
5 Bleed the coolant water system.
6 If low coolant level check the coolant water system for leakage by a
pressure test.
7 Check the pressure valve in the coolant cup.
8 Check the coolant water thermostat or change the coolant water ther-
9 Check the coolant temperature sensor.
10 Clean the coolant water system.
30-2 Fault Tracing
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