MID 128, PID 158 ECU battery
FMI 1 – Data valid but below operational range
Fault code explanation: Battery voltage too low.
Fault indication: DCU: Engine warning in DCU display.
CIU: Flash code
Flash code
Electrical fault: None (EMS)
Value fault: None (EMS)
Electrical fault: None (CIU)
Value fault: None (CIU)
Symptom: Could be engine starting problems.
Conditions for fault code: Battery voltage less than 25.5 V engine running.
Possible reason: Altenator belt
Flat / poor batteries
Fault in cables or connectors for battery / altenator
Faulty altenator
Suitable action: 1 Check battery cables.
2 Check / charge batteries.
3 Check altenator and drive belt.
30-2 Fault Tracing
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