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Group 21-265(0)ContentLubrication SystemFuel SystemInlet and Exhaust SystemCooling System03-3 Specifications, ElectricalSensor05-1 Safety InstructionsSafety Information08-2 Special Service Tools885810 Fixture 9809726 Pneumatic hydraulic pump9809729 Hydraulic cylinder9986173 Puller 9986179 Puller 9990006 Puller9990118 Cone 9990123 Pressure testing kit 9990124 Nipple9990125 Nipple 9990143 Fixture 9990156 Adapter9990157 Press tool 9990158 Piston ring com- pressor9990160 Fixture9990164 Fixture 9990165 Guide sleeve 9990166 Mounting tool9990174 Drift 9990176 Press tool 9990185 Lifting tool9990192 Puller 9990210 Valve spring com- pressor9991801 Standard handle9992000 Handle 9992269 Drift 9992479 Holder for dial indi- cator9992670 Hand pump 9992873 Nipple 9993590 Rotation tool9996394 Support 9996395 Support 9996398 Manometer9996400 Slide hammer 9996441 Cover, with connect-9996645 Puller9996662 Pressure testing kit 9996666 Nipple 9996845 Screw clamp9996963 Plate 9998246 Drift 9998248 Adapter9998249 Protective sleeve 9998250 Sealing ring 9998251 Protection plug9998487 Sleeve 9998494 Hose 9998502 Hose9998511 Lever 9998517 Adjustment tool 9998599 Cleaning kit88800003 Fixture 88800021 Drift 88800064 Drift88800196 Drift 88800123 Plate 88800127 Drift88800147 Drift 88800151 Drift 88800191 Extractor88890105 Refractometer885531 Pressure testing kit 885633 Torque multiplier 885648 Counterhold885811 Timing tool 885812 Timing tool 1159794 Torque wrench9986485 Stand 9988539 Compression meter 9989876 Dial indicator9999683 Dial indicator (short probe)88800083 Piston ring pliers 88890102 Nipple 88890104 Pump31 4 5 2Placement of Instrument Socket(s)Location of SensorsAdBlue/DEF tank heatingCharge Pressure, TroubleshootingCharge Air Cooler, External CleaningTest and Adjustments21-0 Engine Complete, GeneralReplacement of Components Group 21: EngineCylinder Liner and Pistons, Replace (all)Crankshaft, InspectionMain bearing, ChangeBig end bearing, Change (all)Flywheel Bearing, ChangeFlywheel, ChangeGear Ring, Fywheel: ReplaceFlywheel, IndicationCrankshaft Seal, Change (front)Crankshaft Seal, Change (rear)Connecting Rod, CheckConnecting Rod Bushing, Check upValves, RemovalValves, InstallationValve Seat, ChangeValve Guides, InspectionValve Guides, ReplacingValve Seats and Valve, GrindingValve Stem Sealings, ReplaceCylinder Head, Pressure TestingSleeve for unit injector, replaceCamshaft, Wear CheckCamshaft Bearing Housing, ReplaceTiming Gear, ReplaceExposingExposingHeat ProtectionFitting the FixtureEngine DisassemblyEngine Assembly21-4 Valve Mechanism5Timing marksStandard valve mechanismValve mechanism equipped with VCB (Volvo Compression Brake)Valve mechanism equipped with Internal EGR (Exhaust Gas Recirculation)Tools:Valve mechanism equipped with VCB (Volvo Compression Brake)Valve Guides, Inspection22-0 Lubricating and Oil System, GeneralWhen you work with Chemicals, Fuel and Lubrication Oil, ChangeOverview Control Valve22-1 Oil pump and LineLubrication Oil Pump, ChangeOil Pump, Check22-2 Oil filterRelief Valve, ReplaceBypass Valve, Oil Filter Bypass, ReplaceSafety Valve, Oil Pressure, ReplacePiston Cooling Valves, ReplaceBypass Valve Oil Filter, ChangeOil Filter, CheckOil Pressure Sensor, CheckEngine oil and engine oil filter, changingRelief Valve, CheckSafety Valve, Check22-3 Oil coolerOil Cooler, ReplaceOil Cooler, Pressure TestingBypass Valve, Oil Cooler, Replace23-0 Fuel System, GeneralFuel system, bleedingFuel system, bleedingDraining, Fuel Duct in Cylinder Head23-3 Fuel Feed Pump and FilterEngine Fuel Filter ReplacementFuel Feed Pump, ChangeFuel Pre-filter, Change23-7 Injectors and Delivery PipesUnit Injector, ReplaceSleeve for unit injector, replace23-8 Control System, ECM, Data SetsEngine Control Unit (ECU), Replace25-0 Inlet and Exhaust System, GeneralCharge Air Pipe, Leakage Check25-2 Exhaust Pipe, SilencerExhaust Pipe (Y-pipe), Replace25-5 Turbo and superchargerTurbocharger, InspectionTurbo, ChangeRemovalInstallationLow Pressure Turbo, ChangeRemovalInstallationHigh Pressure Turbo, ChangeRemovalInstallationWastegate Valve, Replace25-8 Emission After-TreatmentRepair instructionsElectrically Heated AdBlue/DEF Hose, ChangeAdBlue/DEF Tank, ChangeAdBlue/DEF Tank, ChangeAdBlue/DEF Tank, CleaningAdBlue/DEF Tank, CleaningExhaust Temperature Sensor, ChangeDosing unit, changeAdBlue/DEF-Pump Filter, ChangeAdBlue/DEF-Pump Filter, ChangePressure Sensor, ChangePump Unit, ChangePump Unit, ChangeCombined Tank Unit, AdBlue/DEF Tank, ChangeCombined Tank Unit, AdBlue/DEF Tank, ChangeTemperature Sensor, ChangeChecking for diesel or oil in the AdBlue/DEF solutionChecking urea concentration in the fluid26-0 Cooling System, GeneralDraining the Cooling SystemCooling System, CleaningCoolant Level, Checking and Topping UpCooling System, Pressure Testing26-1 Radiator, Heat ExchangerRadiator Assembly, Change26-2 Coolant Pump, ThermostatCoolant Pump, ChangeThermostat, ChangeDrive Belt, ChangeDrive Belt, ChangeBelt Tensioner, ChangeThermostat, Function CheckCoolant Filter, Change26-5 Charge Air Cooler with ConnectionsLower Charge Air Cooler, ReplaceUpper Charge Air Cooler, Replace32-1 AlternatorAlternator Belt, ChangeAlternator Belt, Change33-1 Starter MotorStarter Motor, ChangeReferences to Service Bulletins

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