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Workshop Manual


Group 23 EMS2TAD1640GE, TAD1641GE, TAD1642GE, TWD1643GE TAD1641VE, TAD1642VE, TAD1643VE, TAD1650VEIntroductionAbout this Workshop ManualSpare partsCertified enginesRepair instructions WARNING!TorqueTorque-angle tighteningLock nutsStrength classesSealantGeneralLocation of engine signsToolsSpecial toolsTechnical dataControl unitSensor, water in fuelSensor, fuel pressureCamshaft sensor/flywheel sensorSensor, oil pressureCombined sensor, oil level/oil temperatureCombination sensor, charge air pressure/charge air temperatureSensor, coolant temperatureSensor, coolant levelSensor, crankcase pressureSensor, piston coolant pressureCombined air filter pressure and temperature sensorUnit injectorAlternatorStarterCAN (Controller Area Network)CIU (Control Interface Unit)DCU (Display Control Unit)DU (Display Unit)Input signalsOutput signalsCalculating amount of fuelCylinder balancingAltitude correctionDiagnostic functionSensor, water in fuel (11)Position sensor, camshaft (15)Oil pressure sensor (9)Speed sensor, flywheel (18)Charge air pressure/charge air sensor (3)Coolant temperature sensor (16)Fuel pressure sensor (10)Coolant level sensor (1)Oil level sensor / oil temperature sensor (12)Crankcase pressure sensor (13)Piston cooling pressure sensor (17)Air filter pressure sensor / air filter temperature sensor (4)Control module EMS 2Control Interface Unit (CIU)Unit injectorAlternatorStarterComponent locationLimit valuesLimit values, control module (EMS 2) TAD1640–1642GE, TWD1643GELimit values, control module (EMS 2) TAD1641–1643VE, TAD1650VEUnit injector, replacingStarting with auxiliary batteriesFunction checkDiagnostic function for VODIAFault tracingDiagnostic functionMessage regarding disturbanceEffect on the engineOperationElectrical fault tracingGeneralFunctional check of wiring and connector blocksFunctional check of wiring and connector blocksSplicing cables for cable connectorsCheck of combination sensor, charge air pressure/charge air temperatureCheck of sensor, coolant temperatureCheck of sensor, water in fuelCheck of sensors, camshaft and flywheelChecking sensor, oil pressureCheck of sensor, coolant levelChecking combined sensor, oil level/oil temperatureCheck of sensor, fuel pressureCheck of sensor, crankcase pressureChecking combined sensor, air filter pressure/airFault tracing unit injectorsFault tracing starter motor and cablingFunctional check of relayElectrical systemImportant information - electrical systemTAD1640-1642GE, TWD1643GE with CIU, CAN based SAE J1939NotesReport form

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