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Electrical fault tracing


GeneralFunctional check of wiring and connector blocksConnection problemsCheck the following:Functional check of wiring and connector blocksCheck connections visuallyCheck the following:Open circuitCheck the following:Connector resistance and oxidation.Check the following:Splicing cables for cable connectorsCheck of combination sensor, charge air pressure/charge air temperatureCheck, charge air pressureCheck, charge air temperatureCheck of sensor, coolant temperatureCheck of sensor, water in fuelCoolant temperatureCheck of sensors, camshaft and flywheelChecking sensor, oil pressureCheck of oil pressure functionCheck of sensor, coolant levelChecking combined sensor, oil level/oil temperatureCheck of oil level functionCheck of oil temperature functionCheck of sensor, fuel pressureCheck of sensor, crankcase pressureChecking combined sensor, air filter pressure/airChecking air filter pressure functionChecking air temperature functionFault tracing unit injectorsFault symptomCauseFault tracing starter motor and cablingGeneralBrushesBrush conditionFunctional check of relay

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