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Splicing cables for cable connectors

Special tools: 951 2636, 9999324

Repair kit: 1078054

1. Disconnect the connector block from the control unit, see ”Control unit, replace”. Dismantle the connector block so that the pin/socket to be re- placed is accessible.

2. Remove the pin/socket with tool 9992636 or with a very small jewelers screwdriver.

NOTE: Only remove one pin at a time.


3. Cut off the wire with the pin that is to be replaced. Splice in the new part from repair kit 1078054. Use crimping tool 9999324.

4. Carefully heat the splice with a hot air gun, so that the insulation shrinks around the wire.


5. Replace the pin in the correct position in the con- nector block before removing the next pin, if sev- eral pins are to be replaced. Check that the lock- ing tab engages and locks the pin in the connector block.

6. Reassemble the wiring with insulation and cable ties in the connector block, in the reverse order to dismantling.

7. Reassemble the connector block in the reverse or- der to dismantling.


8. Ensure that the cable connector and connector on the control unit are clean and dry.

9. Fit the cable connector block onto the control unit, see “Control unit, replacement”.

10. Start the engine and check for error codes.

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