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CAN (Controller Area Network)

The CAN J1939 link handles all communications be- tween the engine control module EMS 2 and a com- munications interface such as the CIU or DCU, in ad- dition to the diagnostics that are handled by the so called J1708/J1587 link. The CAN link is much faster than the J1708/J1587 link. The CAN link has been prepared to connect to other components with SAE J1939 protocol such as instrument panels and trans- missions.

If, for some reason, a fault develops on the CAN link, signals for the rpm-potentiometer and the start and stop knobs are taken over by the J1708/J1587 link. However, instrument and indicator lamps are com- pletely turned off. If faults develop on both links, the GE engines maintain the same rpm while VE engines slow to idle. The only way to shut off the engine in this case is to use the auxiliary stop (AUX-STOP) placed on the engine’s left side.

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