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DCU (Display Control Unit)

DCU is a digital instrument panel that communicates with the engine control module via the CAN link. DCU has several functions, such as:

Controlling the engine

– Start, stop, controlling rpm, control mode isochro- nous/speed drop, pre-heating.


– rpm, charge pressure, charge temperature, cool- ant temperature, oil pressure, oil temperature, en- gine hours, battery voltage, instantaneous fuel consumption and fuel consumption (trip fuel).


– Shows fault codes as text. Lists previous faults. Setting parameters

– Idling speed, pre-heating when ignition on, lamp test, alarm limit for oil temperature/coolant tem- perature, control mode, control gradient (VE), pri- mary engine rpm (GE), speed drop (GE), engine overspeed limit (GE), engine cut off, overspeed (GE).


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