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Output signals

Based on the input signals the control module controls the following components:

– the unit injectors

– starter motor

– alternator

– main relay

– pre-heating relay

The information from the sensors give exact data about prevailing operating conditions and allows the processor in the control module to, among other things, calculate correct injection amount, injection timing and check the engine’s condition.




Engine speed image Accelerator setting image

Piston cooling pressure

Water in fuel

Air filter pressure image


Oil level image Camshaft position


Electronic control module

Cooling water temperature Boost air temperature


image Air temperature image Boost air pressure image Oil temperature image Oil pressure

Crankcase pressure



Coolant level Fuel pressure

image image

Fuel quantity

Injection timing

Fuel control

The engine’s fuel requirement is analyzed up to 100 times per second (depending on engine rpm). The en- gine’s injection amount and injection timing is con- trolled electronically via fuel valves on the unit injec- tors.

This means that the engine always receives the cor- rect volume of fuel in all operating conditions, which offers lower fuel consumption, minimal exhaust emis- sions etc.

The control module checks and controls the unit injec- tors so that the correct amount of fuel is injected into each cylinder. It calculates and sets the injection an- gle. The control is primarily performed using the speed sensors and the combined sensor for boost pressure/ charge air temperature.

The control module affects the unit injectors via an electronic signal to the unit injectors’ electromagnetic fuel valve, which can open and close.

When the fuel valve is open, fuel flows past, through the unit injectors’ holes and continuing out through the fuel channel. Fuel is not sprayed into the cylinder in this position.

When the fuel valve closes, pressure starts to build from the unit injector’s mechanically operated pump plunger. When sufficient pressure has developed, fuel is injected into the cylinder via the unit injector’s injec- tor section.

The fuel valve is re-opened and pressure in the unit injector decreases at the same time as the fuel injec- tion to the cylinder stops.

In order to determine when the fuel valve shall open or close, the control module has access to signals from sensors and switch contacts.

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