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Diagnostic function

The task of the diagnosis function is to detect and lo- cate disturbances within the EMS 2 system, to pro- tect the engine, and to provide information about prob- lems that have developed.

If a malfunction is discovered, this is announced by warning lamps, a flashing diagnostic lamp or in plain language on the instrument panel, depending on the equipment used. If a fault code is obtained as a flash- ing code or in plain language, this is used for guidance in any troubleshooting. Fault codes can also be read by Volvo’s VODIA tool at authorized Volvo Penta workshops.

In case of serious disturbances, the engine is shut down completely or the control module reduces the available power (depending on the application). Once again, a fault code is set for guidance in any trouble- shooting.

Component description


The numbers after the heading refer to ”component lo- cation” on page. 20.

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