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Certified engines

The manufacturer warrants that both new and current- ly operating engines that are certified to national and regional environmental regulations meet environmental requirements. The product must correspond to the en- gine that was approved during certification. The follow- ing requirements for service and spare parts must be complied with, for Volvo Penta as a manufacturer to be responsible for ensuring that engines in use com- ply with the stipulated environmental requirements:

Service and maintenance intervals recommended by Volvo Penta must be followed.

Only Volvo Penta Original Spare Parts intended for the certified engine version may be used.

Service work that covers injection pumps, pump settings, and injectors must always be carried out

by an authorized Volvo Penta workshop.

The engine must not be converted or modified in any way, except for the accessories and service

kits which Volvo Penta has approved for the en- gine.

Any seals on the engine may not be broken by unauthorized persons.

image IMPORTANT! When spare parts are needed, use only Volvo Penta Original Spares.


Use of non-original parts will result in AB Volvo Penta being unable to warrant that

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