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When a disturbance has occurred and the diagnosis system has generated one or more fault codes, these can be read either via:

- Plain text on instrument panel (DCU - Display Control unit).

- Diagnosis lamp on instrument panel (CIU - Control Interface Unit).

- The VODIA-tool. For handling, see ”VODIA User´s Guide”

If the system indicates that a fault code has been set:

1. Reduce engine speed to idle/shut down the en- gine.

2. For DCU: read which fault code has been set via the instrument panel, See ”Reading fault codes via Display Control unit (DCU).”


For CIU: press in the diagnosis button and read the fault code via codes flashed by the diagnosis lamp, see ”Reading fault codes via diagnosis lamp on instrument panel (CIU)”.

3. Look up the fault code in the fault code list and take the necessary measures.


Reading fault codes via Display Control unit (DCU)Erasing fault codes (DCU)Reading fault codes via the diagnosis lamp on instrument panel (CIU)Read as follows:Erasing fault codes (CIU)This means that: PID 97, Code 2.1 Water in fuel Reason:Reaction:Remedy: PID 111, Code 2.2 Coolant level Reason:Reaction:Remedy: PID 111, Code 2.3 Coolant level sensor Reason:Reaction:Remedy: SID21, Code 2.4 Speed sensor, flywheel Reason:Reaction:Remedy: SID22, Code 2.5 Speed sensor, camshaft wheel Cause:Reaction:Remedy: PID 190, Code 2.6 Engine rpm Reason:Reaction:Remedy:Reason:Reaction:Remedy: PID 97, Code 2.9 Indicator for water in fuel Reason:Reaction:Remedy: PID 100, Code 3.1 Oil pressure sensor Reason:Reaction:Remedy: PID 105, Code 3.2 Charge air temperature sensor Reason:Reaction:Remedy: PID 110, Code 3.3 Coolant temperature sensor Reason:Reaction:Remedy: PID106/102, Code 3.4 Boost pressure sensor Reason:Reaction:Remedy: PID106/102, Code 3.5 Boost pressure Reason:Reaction:Remedy: PID 94, Code 3.6 Fuel pressure sensor Reason:Reaction:Remedy: PID175, Code 3.7 Oil temperature sensor Reason:Reaction:Remedy: PID 94, Code 3.8 Fuel pressure Reason:Reaction:Remedy: PID 158, Code 3.9 Battery voltage Reason:Reaction:Remedy: PPID 5, Code 5.1 Main relay Reason:Reaction:Remedy: PPID 4, Code 5.2 Start input, CIU Reason:Reaction:Remedy: PPID 6, Code 5.3 Stop input CIU Reason:Reaction:Remedy: PID 45, Code 5.4 Pre-heating relay Reason:Reaction:Remedy: PID 107, Code 5.5 Pressure drop, air filter Reason:Reaction:Remedy: PID 107, Code 5.6 Air filter sensor Reason:Reaction:Remedy: PID 98, Code 5.7 Oil level Reason:Reaction:Remedy: PID 175, Code 5.8 Oil temperature Reason:Reaction:Remedy: PID 98, Code 5.9 Oil level sensor Reason:Reaction:Remedy: PID 110, Code 6.1 Coolant temperature Reason:Reaction:Remedy: PID 105, Code 6.2 Charge air temperature Reason:Reaction:Remedy: PPID 3, Code 6.3 Start output EMS 2 Reason:Reaction:Remedy: SID 231, Code 6.4 Data link (CAN), CIU Reason:Reaction:Remedy: SID 231, Code 6.5 Data link (CAN), EMS 2 Reason:Reaction:Remedy: PID 100, Code 6.6 Oil pressure Reason:Reaction:Remedy: PPID 8, Code 6.7 Piston cooling pressure Reason:Reaction:Remedy: PPID 8, Code 6.8 Piston cooling pressure sensor Reason:Reaction:Remedy: PID 158, Code 6.9 Battery voltage, CIU Reason:Reaction:Remedy: SID 1, Code 7.1 Unit injector cylinder #1 Reason:Reaction:Remedy: SID 2, Code 7.2 Unit injector cylinder 2# Reason:Reaction:Remedy: SID 4, Code 7.4 Unit injector cylinder 4# Reason:Reaction:Remedy: SID 3, Code 7.3 Unit injector cylinder 3# Reason:Reaction:Remedy: SID 5, Code 7.5 Unit injector cylinder 5# Reason:Reaction:Remedy: SID 6, Code 7.6 Unit injector cylinder 6# Reason:Reaction:Remedy: PID 153, Code 7.7 Crankcase ventilation pressure Reason:Reaction:Remedy:Reason:Reaction:Remedy: PID 172, Code 7.9 Air temperature sensor, inlet Reason:Reaction:Remedy: SID250, Code 9.2 Data link faulty (J1708/J1587) Reason:Reaction:Remedy: SID232, Code 9.3 Voltage feed to sensor Reason:Reaction:Remedy: SID 254, Code 9.8 Control module fault, CIU Reason:Reaction:Remedy: SID 240, Code 9.9 Memory fault in EMS Reason:Reaction:Remedy: SID 253, Code 9.9 Data set memory EEPROM Reason:Reaction:Remedy: SID 254, Code 9.9 Control module EMS Reason:Reaction:Remedy:

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