Group 23 EMS 2 Design and function
Component description
Position sensor, camshaft (15)
The position sensor is located in the upper timing gear
cover. The camshaft position sensor is of the induc-
tive-sensor type. The sensor reads off a cogged wheel
with 7 cogs. The impulses from the camshaft sensor
give the control unit information about which cylinder
is in turn for injection and when it is performed.
Oil pressure sensor (9)
The oil pressure and temperature are measured by a
combined sensor located on the left side of the en-
gine, next to the control unit.
The sensor is fitted in the engine block so that mea-
surements are performed in the lubrication systems
main oil galley. The pressure signal is a voltage signal
proportional to the pressure. The sensor reference
voltage is 5 Volts.
The numbers after the heading refer to ”component lo-
cation” on page. 20.
Sensor, water in fuel (11)
The sensor is located in the lower part of the fuel pre-
It’s purpose is to detect water in the fuel system. The
sensor comprises two copper electrodes, between
which the resistance is measured. When the resis-
tance drops below a certain limit, which indicates that
there is water in the fuel, a warning message is sent
to the control unit.
Speed sensor, flywheel (18)
The sensor is located in the left side of the flywheel
The flywheel speed sensor is of the inductive type. It
reads off the crankshaft position and speed from
grooves in the flywheel. The signal is sent to the con-
trol unit, which calculates injection timing and fuel

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