Group 23 EMS 2 Repair instructions
Repair instructions
When working with EMS 2 system
Follow the instructions below so as not to damage the EMS 2-system control unit:
Never switch off main power while the engine is running.
Never disconnect a battery cable while the engine is running.
When fast charging the batteries, turn off the main switch or disconnect one of the battery cables.
The main switch does not need to be turned off during normal charging.
Only batteries may be used for starting assistance. Starting boosters can generate excessive voltages and
damage the control units.
Disconnect power to the EMS 2-system before removing the two 62-pin connectors from the control unit.
If damage to the cable harness is detected, the 62-pin connectors on the control unit must be removed.
IMPORTANT! Disconnect the 62-pin connectors from the control unit if you are about to perform welding.
Make sure that the connector pins are not contaminated with oil or
other liquids while disconnected.
Otherwise a contact problem may arise or the oil may run down inside to the pressure sensitive membrane
and cause a misreading.

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