Group 23 EMS 2 Repair instructions
Control module (EMS 2),
WARNING! Exchange of control units between
engines, during fault tracing or repair, must nev-
er be performed under any circumstances..
1. Clean thoroughly around the control module fuel
2. Remove electricity from the engine by discon-
necting the negative battery terminal.
3. Remove the lower part of the crankcase ventila-
tion pipe.
4. Remove upper and lower cable harnesses
5. Remove the control module’s cable harness by
moving the connector block’s retaining clips
6. Remove upper and lower fuel connections with
the cooling element, plug the fuel lines.
7. Remove the screws that hold the control mod-
ule and remove the control module.
8. Transfer the cooling element to the new control
module. Make sure that the surface between
the cooling element and the control module is
9. Install the new control module. Torque as
specified in Technical data.
10. Install upper and lower fuel connections to the
cooling element with new sealing washers.
11. Install the cable harness and clamps.
12. Install the lower crankcase ventilation pipe.
13. Vent the fuel system, see Fuel System, bleed-
ing. Start the engine and check for error codes.

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