Group 23 EMS 2 Function check
Function check
Diagnostic function for VODIA
The program can read off fault codes that are stored in the engine’s control unit, check input/output signals
and read off current values from the engine’s sensors and then print out the test results.
The program allows service and workshop personnel the rapidly detect and correct faults in the
EMS 2-system.
Connection to the engine’s control unit is via the diagnostic outlet, see chapter ”Electrical diagrams”.
User information is included with the program.
To order the program, contact your Volvo Penta retailer.
The task of the diagnostic function is to discover and locate any malfunctions in the EMS 2 system, to
protect the engine and to ensure operation in the event of serious malfunction.
If a malfunction is detected, this is indicated by the diagnostic lamp in the control panel blinking.
By pressing the diagnostic switch, the operator will receive a fault code as a guide to any fault-tracing.
For more handling information, see ”VODIA User´s Guide”.

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