Group 23 EMS 2 Diagnostic function
When a disturbance has occurred and the diagnosis
system has generated one or more fault codes, these
can be read either via:
- Plain text on instrument panel (DCU - Display
Control unit).
- Diagnosis lamp on instrument panel (CIU - Control
Interface Unit).
- The VODIA-tool. For handling, see ”VODIA User´s
If the system indicates that a fault code has been set:
1. Reduce engine speed to idle/shut down the en-
2. For DCU: read which fault code has been set via
the instrument panel, See ”Reading fault codes
via Display Control unit (DCU).”
For CIU: press in the diagnosis button and read
the fault code via codes flashed by the diagnosis
lamp, see ”Reading fault codes via diagnosis lamp
on instrument panel (CIU)”.
3. Look up the fault code in the fault code list and
take the necessary measures.
Reading fault codes via Display Control
unit (DCU)
When a fault code has been set, the text ”!! ENGINE
WARNING !!” is shown alternating with ”Press SEL for
NOTE: you can select the language with which the
DCU will present the information.
By pressing the button SEL, you move to the fault
list. The fault list shows:
- Running hours
- Fault
- Reason for fault
- Active/inactive
Press ESC to exit the fault list.
To access the fault list when no fault code has been
set, press the button SEL to select the menu option
Erasing fault codes (DCU)
Fault codes cannot be erased using DCU, but must be
erased using VODIA.

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