Group 23 EMS 2 Diagnostic function
Reading fault codes via the diagnosis
lamp on instrument panel (CIU)
If the diagnosis knob is depressed and then released,
a fault code will flash.
The fault code consists of two groups of flashes, sep-
arated by a pause of two seconds. A fault code is ob-
tained by counting the number of flashes in each
Example: pause = Fault code 2.4
The fault code is stored and can be read as long as
the malfunction remains. You can find information
about cause, reaction and actions in the fault code
Read as follows:
1. Press the diagnostic button.
2. Release the diagnostic button and make a note of
the fault that is flashed out.
3. Repeat items 1-2. A new fault code is flashed out
if more are stored. Repeat until the first fault code
is repeated.
NOTE: When the first fault code returns, all fault co-
des have been read.
Erasing fault codes (CIU)
The diagnosis function fault code memory is set to
zero when the voltage to the engine is disconnected.
NOTE: Voltage must be fully disconnected.
When voltage is turned on again, the diagnosis func-
tion will check if there are any disturbances in the
EMS 2 system. If this is the case, new fault codes
are set.
This means that:
1. Fault codes for malfunctions that have been recti-
fied or disappeared are set as inactive (the inac-
tive fault code can then be erased with the VODIA
2. Fault codes for malfunctions which have not been
attended to must be acknowledged every time the
system voltage is switched on.
If the diagnosis knob is depressed after the faults
have been corrected, and stored fault codes have
been deleted, code 1.1 (”No fault”) will flash, see
chapter on ”Fault codes”.

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