Group 23 EMS 2 Safety information
Safety information
This workshop manual contains descriptions and re-
pair instructions for the Volvo Penta products or prod-
uct versions noted in the table of contents. This work-
shop manual should be used together with the work-
shop manual
Technical data
for the engine in ques-
tion. Check that you have the correct Workshop
Manual for your engine.
Read the appropriate safety precautions with care as
well as
General information
Service proce-
before starting work.
In this book and on the engine you will find the follow-
ing special warning symbols.
WARNING! Possible danger of personal injury,
extensive damage to property or serious me-
chanical malfunction if the instructions are not
IMPORTANT! Used to draw your attention to
something that can cause damage or malfunc-
tions on a product or damage to property.
NOTE: Used to draw your attention to important infor-
mation that will facilitate the work or operation in pro-
To give you a perspective on the risks which always
need to be observed and precautions which always
have to be taken, we have noted them below.
Immobilize the engine by turning off the power
supply to the engine at the main switch
(switches) and lock it (them) turned off before
starting work. Set up a warning notice at the en-
gine control point.
All service work should normally be done on a
stationary engine. Some tasks, such as adjust-
ments, need the engine running, however. Ap-
proaching an engine which is operating is a
safety hazard. Remember that loose clothing or
long hair can fasten in rotating parts and cause
serious personal injury.
If work is done adjacent to a running engine, a
careless movement or a dropped tool can lead
to personal injury in the worst case. Be careful
with hot surfaces (exhaust pipes, turbos, charge
air pipes, starting heaters etc.) and hot fluids in
pipes and hoses on an engine which is running
or which has just stopped.. Reinstall all guards
removed during service operations before start-
ing the engine.
Check that the warning or information labels on
the product are always clearly visible. Replace
labels which have been damaged or painted
Never start the engine without installing the air
cleaner filter. The rotating compressor turbine in
the turbocharger can cause severe injury. For-
eign objects entering the intake ducts can also
cause mechanical damage.
Never use start spray or similar products as a
starting aid. They may cause an explosion in
the inlet manifold. Danger of personal injury.
Only start the engine in a well- ventilated area.
When operated in a confined space, exhaust
fumes and crankcase gases must be ventilated
from the engine bay or workshop area.
Avoid opening the coolant filling cap when the
engine is hot. Steam or hot coolant can spray
out and the system pressure will be lost. When
needed, open the filler cap slowly and release
the pressure in the system. Be very careful if a
stopcock or plug or engine coolant hose must
be removed when the engine is hot. It is difficult
to anticipate in which direction steam or hot
coolant can spray out.
Hot oil can cause burns. Avoid skin contact with
hot oil. Ensure that the lubrication system is not
under pressure before carrying out any work.
Never start or operate the engine with the oil fill-
er cap removed, otherwise oil could be ejected.
Stop the engine before carrying out operations
on the engine cooling system.

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