Group 23 EMS 2 Electrical fault tracing
Electrical fault tracing
Before performing electrical fault tracing, the
following should be checked:
Fault codes
Fuel level and filter
Air filter
Cable harness (visually)
Main switch, fuses, connector block
Connections to relay
Functional check of wiring and
connector blocks
Connection problems
Loose connectors or occasionally recurring faults can
be difficult to fault trace and often occur due to oxida-
tion, vibration or poorly connected leads.
Wear can be another reason for faults. Therefore
avoid disconnecting connector blocks if it is not nec-
Other connector problems can arise due to pins, sock-
ets and connector blocks being damaged.
Shake the lead and pull on the connector while mea-
suring to help find damaged wiring.
The resistance in connectors, wiring and connections
should be 0 Ohm.
A certain resistance is always present however, due
to oxidation of connections.
If this resistance increases too much, it can lead to
malfunctions. The size of the resistance before it
starts causing malfunctions varies depending on how
large a load the circuit is carrying.
Check the following:
Look for oxidation that can worsen
connector contact in the connections
Check that the connector pins/sockets are un-
damaged, that they are properly inserted in the
connector blocks and that the wires are properly
connected to the pins.
Test the connector blocks for good mechanical
Use a loose pin for the test.
Important! The control unit’s (EMS 2) cable
connector must only be checked with gauge
Push gauge 9998482 carefully into the connector
sockets. Pull/push the gauge back and forth sev-
eral times, check that the socket grips around the
gauge. If the connector socket has insufficient
gripping power, the socket must be replaced. See
”Splicing cables for cable connectors”.
Fill connector sockets that have been checked
with low temperature grease 1161417-9.
Important! DIN connectors for the pressure
sensor must not be filled with grease.
Check that the wires are properly crimped. Avoid
short crimps on wires to the connector pins/sockets.

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